We’re putting together a street team! We need people like you who want a chance to read my newest books for free before anyone else…and help promote them!

What you’ll do:

  • Share news on social media the few months before book release.

  • Provide unbiased reviews in exchange for ARCs (Advanced Review Copies of my books) on your blog, Goodreads, and Amazon—wherever you normally post reviews. A simple sentence or two will do just fine for you non-blogger types.


What you’ll get:

  • Review copies of my books! I’ll give out as many print ARCs as I have (I’m usually given 20 by my publisher), and if I run out or you prefer Kindle, I’ll send eARCs.

  • Sneak peeks at works in progress, such as drafts of chapters and pictures of my plotting journals. During 2019 and 2020, you’ll see snippets of THE KILL CLUB and SHE’S TOO PRETTY TO BURN and you’ll get insight into my plans for new book concepts.

  • Deleted scenes—From all my works, you’ll be privvy to deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the final book but which I liked and think you will too.

  • Swag—anything I get, I’ll send along to you!

  • Book giveaways just for you—because there are fewer of you than there are on a public giveaway, your chances of winning will be much better. I’ll do giveaways of whatever I’m in love with / dying for y’all to read.