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In 2015, I was a runner-up in yet another writing contest. I'd been writing and querying for years, but I kept going through critique partners, never really connecting with anybody for long. 
After this particular contest, a lot of us were at loose ends. The purpose of the contest was to get matched with a mentor who would help hone your manuscript. We all really craved eyes on our work.
It occurred to me that, if I could centralize all of us in one database, I could match them up based on their genre and experience. I just needed a large enough data set. So I got on Twitter, asked the host of the contest to help me spread the word, and I put together about a hundred entries. That's a LOT of entries! 
Sure enough, I was able to match people up, and they were so happy with the results, I decided to continue the project after the post-contest push was over. I've now been doing this for three years, and my good friend and agent sister Tracie Martin has joined me! She's got a background in marketing, one of the best senses of humor in the world, and she also loves connecting writers and watching writing careers take off. 

If you're feeling appreciative and you want to say thank you to your trusty matchmakers, you can buy us a coffee or preorder our books! Preordering is HUGE for authors. Thank you!

You can preorder Wendy's books here, and we'll post links to Tracie's as soon as they are available. 

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Meet Your Matchmakers

  Wendy Heard   @wendydheard on  Twitter

Wendy Heard

@wendydheard on  Twitter

  Tracie Martin   @tracieLmartin1 on Twitter.

Tracie Martin

@tracieLmartin1 on Twitter.