Before you submit your query to Pitch Wars, make sure it has the following:

  • The protagonist's mission. 

  • What's at stake. What will happen if they don't accomplish their mission?

  • The person or forces trying to stop them. 

  • A clear sense of genre and tone that matches your book. 

  • It should read like back cover copy--brief, catchy, just enough to get us interested.

  • As few proper nouns as possible. 

  • Have it read by someone who is unfamiliar with the project. Make sure it makes sense to them. 

  • Project word count, and make sure your word count is industry-appropriate. 

  • Any points of special interest or unique qualifications you may possess. For example, if your book is about a lawyer and you are a lawyer, go ahead and say so. 

Here are your mentors' successful queries. I recommend seeing if the mentors you're subbing to are on here and getting a feel for their style. It might help you tailor your query or at least know what their writing personality is like!